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About Us

Splathouse Productions is a small group of film, theatre, and music artists dedicated to furthering the conversation around cult films.


Sarah Coykendall

Sarah Coykendall is the co-founder/artistic director/executive producer of Splathouse Productions. She is an actress, producer, director, designer and artist. Sarah is a lover of all things “camp” and corn syrup blood covered. Follow her @sarahSPLATHOUSE.

Michael Delaney

Mike Delaney (Co-host, moderator) is a founding member of The SPLATHOUSE having written, produced, and starred in the company’s three initial productions, “The Sadist”, “Eegah!”, and “Plan 9 from Outer Space” at Impact Theatre in Berkeley, CA. In addition to his work with The SPLATHOUSE Family, Mike has written and and produced his first feature film, “Medias Res”, along with long time producing partners Sarah Coykendall and director Edwin Fernando Gonzalez. Mike is a frequent Tweeter and would love to hear from you (handle: @miked_splat). Like all the SPLATHOUSERS, Mike is for hire as an actor, writer, or knucklehead.


Jim Schiller

“Jim Rock Schiller is a man of too many damn trades. Dog Walker, Electrician, Silk Screener, Scratch DJ, Hip Hop Producer, Sexy Band Front Man, and a half ass artist in whatever medium he feels like trying out. However, on top of spaghetti, and all covered with cheese, he was also the Sound Engineer, Composer, Co-Producer of the Splathouse Podcast.” -TIME MAGAZINE.

John Terrell

John Terrell first started working with The Splathouse, when he joined the cast and¬†production team of “Medias Res”. After that he played both copilot Barry and patrolman Larry in “Plan 9 from outer space”. John is originally from Athens Georgia, and hopes that you will not hold that against him. He loves candy.