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production photos by Cheshire Dave Creative

Episode 25: Pieces(1982)

July 15, 2017

The FINALE to the first spectacular season of The SPLATHOUSE Podcast looks at one of the great offerings of genre cinema from the year 1982: J.Piquer Simon’s PIECES!

The movie is…well, IT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK IT IS…but this episode is not!

Joining us this week to send us off in style are some of our favorite friends and podcasters! We have friends joining us from TALK FILM SOCIETY, F THIS MOVIE, ERIC ROBERTS IS THE FUCKING MAN, BLOODY POPCORN, SOUND FEAR POD, FROM AND INSPIRED BY, and ADMIT ONE, as well as super sexy folks from the blood soaked Horror Twitter (TM) timeline.

Friends! If you’ve ever wondered what all those beautiful avatars with the witty jokes sound like IRL (“in real life”, mom); THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

We have our trademarked scene recreation, inappropriate rap lyrics, TINGALAYO, theatre talk, Paul Smith love, remake wishes, and original music! We’re going out in style 🙂

Listen to it now!