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Episode 24: Fresh Kill (1988)

June 10, 2017

Before you plop down that fresh dollar bill for some fresh krill and dill from your local deli, let us give you a fresh thrill with the totally brill, FRESH KILL (1988).

This week on The SPLATHOUSE Podcast we watched Joseph Merhi’s shot-on-video “horror” (???) actioner starring the late, GREAT (as in physical stature *and* possessing plucky artistic chops) Robert Z’Dar. It’s about butcher shopping, drug running, helicopter flying, diamond ring hustling, cocaine destroying monsters and a half-baked TRUE ROMANCE-style love story. This movie has everything***! (***except sound)

It’s available on Amazon Prime thanks to Troma and once you discover this forgotten treasure you’ll want to thank us***! (***with a STRONGLY worded email cc’d to the entire SPLATHOUSE crew)

Back this week for recs (and post-FRESH KILL therapy) is Sarah Jane of Talk Film Society! This time however, Sarah tests her marriage and enlists hubbs Eric assistance with FRESH KILL duties (doodies?)

It’s a chuckle fuck episode, with the crew cutting loose before our next SplatCast and The SPLATHOUSE’s season 1 finale episode: THE MUTILATOR.