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Episode 23: Samurai Cop 2 (2015)

May 27, 2017

TINGALAYO! We are back in The SPLATHOUSE and so is one of our favorite cinematic heroes: JOE MOTHERFUCKIN’ MARSHALL aka THE SAMURAI SUPER COP!

This week on the show: chuckle-fuckery abound, the artistic exploits of Mr. Thomas Wiseau, the secret genius of Mark Frazer, donkey cum, fan servicing, ridic cameos, and updating the SAMURAI COP Universe(TM) to include science-fiction (though mostly fiction)and more gangs Yojimbo can shake a katana at.

Mathew Karedas (Samurai Cop, Samurai Cop 2) joins us for this awesome episode with more anecdotes from the set and the world of “le samourai” (as Melville would write it).

Swinging by The SPLATHOUSE for the first time is the talented and lovely Ms. Melissa Moore; A woman with more work to her name than this synopsis can handle…EVIL SPAWN, CAGED FURY, REPOSSESSED, SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE 2,VICE ACADEMY PART 2, so on and so forth. She is a scream queen, y’all.

Our good buddy Scott Drebit of Daily Dead News drops in from his shire in Canadia to contribute some thoughts and recommendations for fans of SAMURAI COP 2.

Enjoy, dear friends. We love you. Really. We do.
The SPLATHOUSE Podcast will be back in two weeks with FRESH KILL (1988).