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Episode 19: Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)

March 11, 2017

Girls! Guns! G-strings! Genre! Geography!

This week we watched Emmy Award winner Andy Sidaris’ magnum opus “Hard Ticket to Hawaii” (1987) and, damnit, you should do the same.

We’re joined for the panel by our good buddy Brad F. Henderson (@bradfhenderson) from The ScreamCast (@scream_cast)…

Rockie Juarez (@rockiejuarez) from Talk Film Society (@talkfilmsoc) and Vulcan Video stops by for a game of What Do Ya Know (with the offer to make recommendations on the line…)

Author David J. Moore (@videovalhalla) (The Good, The Tough, The Deadly; World Gone Wild) stops by to talk about his work and appreciate some ’80s action films!

Enjoy this week’s look at Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) and be sure to come back next week for SOMETHING TOTALLY SPECIAL AND NEW AND OMG IT’S STILL A BIT OF A SECRET BUT YOU’RE GOING TO FUCKING LOVE IT!

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