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Episode 15: Beyond the Gates (2016)

February 4, 2017

Turn the lights down and the volume up! This week The SPLATHOUSE Gang (all rights reserved) look at Jackson Stewart’s VHS-era horror tone poem to video culture, family, and the boardgame occult: Beyond the Gates (2016).

Writer/director Jackson Stewart (@BossJacko) and writer Stephen Scarlata (@xNECKx) drop in to talk about the making of Beyond the Gates and their influences for the film. Film writer and podcaster, Patrick Bromley (@patrickbromley) of F This Movie (@fthismovie) pops by with his appreciation for the film. Nick Spacek (@nuthousepunks) of the podcast From and Inspired By (@FromInspiredPod) sends his film recommendations for fans of “Beyond the Gates”.

The SPLATHOUSE Gang (remember, all rights reserved, fuckos) give their individual takes on the film, talk a bit about VHS boardgames and spooky games that spooked them the spook out, and share some happy time family stories.

We’ll be off next Saturday, Feb 11 but we will return Feb 18 with SPLATHOUSE: Hobgoblins (1988)! That film’s writer/director, Rick Sloane, will be by to talk about his work in cinema and the new Vinegar Syndrome bluray of his seminal work, “Hobgoblins”.

Enjoy! As you listen tweet at us @splathousepr or individually at @miked_splat @SarahSPLATHOUSE @RockStiffly (Jim) @terrell_splat (John)