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Episode 14: The Hidden (1987)

January 28, 2017

A rock n’ roll lovin’, fast car drivin’, bank robbin’ and human killin’ alien is among us! It’s up to Kyle MacLachlan’s perfect hair and the love child of Eric Roberts and Jim Caviezel (Michael Nouri) to stop it! This week we look at 1987’s buddy-cop, action movie, sci-fi satire The Hidden!

We talk to The Hidden’s prolific screenwriter, Jim Kouf (Money Monster, Stakeout, National Treasure, Rush Hour, The Boogen, Gang Related, Grimm) about his science-fiction thriller and its road to the screen.

Our friend from New Zealand, @DistortedKiwi, pops by for this week’s film picks for fans of The Hidden.

Brad F(uckin’ Rad) Henderson from The ScreamCast shares his love for The Hidden and traces his appreciation of the work to one special person in his life.

Plus! All the regular bullshit you love: What Do Ya Know?, panel, bad impressions, original music, skits…ALL. THE. GOOD. STUFF.

Enjoy this week’s look at The Hidden (1987) and be sure to come back next week for Beyond the Gates (2016)!