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Episode 10: Cheap Thrills (2013)

December 10, 2016

The last SPLATHOUSE Podcast of 2016 is a doozy! Episode 10 looks at EL Katz’s 2013 dark comedy, “Cheap Thrills”. Sarah chats with her childhood crush, Ethan Embry, about his work on the film; Brian Saur (aka Rupert Pupkin Speaks alias @bobfreelander) shares his appreciation for the work of Pat Healy; Drew McWeeny of the ‘80s All Over podcast and Pulp & Popcorn drops in with his thoughts on “Cheap Thrills”. Meanwhile, Sarah, Mike, Jim, and John unload dump trucks of praise upon the cast of “Cheap Thrills” and talk about some of their own drunken regrets. Also, enjoy a spirited round of “What Do Ya Know?” with Jim Rock and our patented re-creation scene (with John NAILING IT as Ethan Embry’s character, Vince).

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*This episode is dedicated to the Oakland arts community and all those affected by the Ghost Ship tragedy. Our love is with you. -S,J,M,J