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Episode 6: Miami Connection (1987)

November 12, 2016

Are you sick and tired of all the stupid cocaine in this world? Does your crummy, gangster brother harass you and your main squeeze in community college parking lots? Then you may be AGAINST THE NINJA! Ask your doctor if “Miami COnnection” is right for you.


This week, Zack Carlson (VICE Magazine, Alamo Drafthouse Films) drops in to talk about how he discovered “Miami Connection” based on an eBay blind buy. Local favorite, “Uncle Randy” (Medias Res, SPLATHOUSE Double Feature: The Sadist with Eegah!) pops by for a game of “What Do Ya Know?”. Also, our non-orphan bestie, Sean Duregger (from the cast of “Scream”), shares his picks for the week. Join The SPLATHOUSE Podcast gang as they explore the 1987 Tae Kwon Do SPLATsterpiece, “Miami Connection” starring a whole lotta white, biker gang ninjas, and a grown ass ’80s style Little Rascals cast.