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production photos by Cheshire Dave Creative

The Splathouse!

Splathouse Productions began in the in the early months of 2012. A group of theatre artists and filmmakers got together under the name of “P.D. and the Bug” with the aim of remaking and staging one of their favorite cult films, 1963’s “The Sadist” (dir. James Landis).


“The Sadist” originally premiered as a “staged reading” workshopped at Impact Theatre in Berkeley, CA, during the summer of 2012. In 2014, “The Sadist” was the first half of a full professional production at Impact; Splathouse Double Feature: “The Sadist” with “Eegah!”, opened July 3, 2014. The production, a stage-film hybrid, that featured newly-shot footage for each adaptation presented in tandem with live stage work. The production starred Michael Garrett McDonald (in BOTH Arch Hall Jr. roles), Sarah Coykendall (in BOTH Marilyn Manning roles), Joseph Mason (Ed Stiles, Eegah), Cassie Rosenbrock (Doris Page), and Mike Delaney (Carl Oliver, Mr. Miller).The newly filmed footage for “The Sadist” and “Eegah!” was shot and directed by Edwin Fernando Gonzalez.


Splathouse Double Feature was nominated for Outstanding Video Design by Theatre Bay Area in the November of the same year.


Also in 2014, Sarah Coykendall and Mike Delaney, along with friend, fellow performer, cinephile, and Impact Theatre company member, Miyaka Cochrane, launched Splatter Cinema: a monthly movie night hosted by Impact Theatre that explored and celebrated Cult and B-films.


In 2015, Mike Delaney and Sarah Coykendall began work on a second hybrid adaptation, this timedownload
solely under the banner of “Splathouse”; Edward D. Wood Jr.’s 1959 disasterpiece, “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.



Splathouse: Plan 9 From Outer Space premiered in mid-May 2016 as Impact Theatre’s final production and was met with rave reviews; Even earning the coveted “man sitting up clapping” from the San Fransisco Chronicle.


With the closing of their beloved Impact Theatre in June of 2016, the artists formally known as P.d. And the Bug decided it was time to launch out on their own. In August, Splathouse Productions was founded and set out into the world to keep the love of all things cult, b-rated and camp alive.